Monday, 3 September 2007

Blogger, why you do this to me?!

I was really going to give this entry a snappy title, like "Back in the Saddle Again." or "Knit 'em in, and purl 'em out" but Blogger refuses to let me load my pictures. Auuugh. *stabbity at blogger*

Anyways, if you're interested in my pictures, you can have a butchers here at my flickr account.

I'm almost finished with the front of Blithe. The reason why it's taking so long (relatively) is the fact that I'm doing both fronts at the same time. I can't say that I'd recommend the yarn I'm currently doing it in - Patons diploma gold 4ply 'wool rich' yarn. First, it's splitty, then it just feels like plastic. I'm no yarn snob, because I like Paton's Haze, which is a rich cotton/acrylic blend. That's very soft, and really lovely to knit with. This diploma gold is terrible - even my cast on looks raggedy (cable cast on) For the back, I'm going to try a tublar cast on, just to see if it's any neater.

Anyways, have been swimming around at ravelry, and I have come to the conclusion that Norah Gaughan is a goddess. She is so clever! Everything she designs is worthy of a second look. Her designs are articulate and intellectually engaging.

I'm panting after this catalogue/booklet - her first designs for Berroco yarn in book form. But Berroco doesn't ship outside of Canada, and another place is quoting $16.90 US *dies* for shipping a booklet to this side of the pond. The book itself is $15.95 US. *dies again* I can see at least four things I'd like to knit, especially this piece. So brilliant! I'm only sorry that I can't get the particular yarns (merino) that are comparable to the Berroco gauge, but I'll try.

Anyways, that's it for now. I need to finish vacuming and get some lesson prepartion done for my class at 13:00.


JayJay said...

I do love the uniqueness of Norah's designs, I'm just never sure if they will actually look good on me. Some seem to be flattering on others, though, so perhaps I should give it a try.

cranberry said...

Do eeet *pokes* Norah Gaughn is a rotund woman herself, so she's aware of making her designs work for all sorts of shapes.

She's a genius *dreamy sigh*.