Friday, 7 September 2007

My next project

So, the other day, I was in Cornwall on a holiday. My hubby likes camping, and since his like for it outweighs my disinterest, I go. I don't mind sleeping on the ground, or coooking my meals outside. I even like the time away from the hum of electrical appliances, and the seven mile hikes. I don't even mind sharing a toilet, or using a chemical one.

But what I hated was the shower arrangements. The showerblock was fifteen minutes away, and I'd get up in the morning, clad in my shortsleeves and boxers and stumble to the showers. I'd move briskly halfway, because it was so cold, and mumble under my breath about the lack of a hoodie.

To be honest, I hate the ready made hoodies. They tend to bag too easily (no matter how expensive) and just look a certain way. I thought to myself, "C'mon Jazz, you're a knitter, knit something".

I know I wanted a hoodie that was snug, that I could wear it around town- as well as on a camping trip - something warm enough to wear around an English campsite, but flattering enough to wear it to a big city. It had to be warm, and kinda stylish. I knew that cables would figure into it somewhere (for the warmth), but I didn't want it to be too fussy, as cables can be if you're not careful.

Then, I saw this 'Central Park Hoodie' from Knitscene, and it was a wrap.

Unfortunately, I can't wear tweedy yarn against my skin, and since I tend to wear shortsleeves under my hoodie (layering, it's what's for fashion), the itching was a no no. I wanted to knit it in Jaeger extra fine merino yarn - but the colour that I have 9 balls of (shade 546) is finished. The yarn itself has been discontinued for a couple of seasons now.

The one I got was like an auburn (dark red orange colour), but the nearest is a burgundy, and I do not like that colour. I'm not feeling the urge to try and gather other potential balls by using ebay either.

I might knit Valpuri in the Jaeger instead. It's a nice top that would work with layering, a long sleeved shirt underneath.

Blame my friend Pat for the sudden interest in Cables.

I shall.

So I'm knitting Central Park Hoodie in Rowans all seasons cotton. In a colour called military . The texture of the colour is more like Rowan denim after it is knitted up.

From my research (reading blogs), it seems that the ASC takes cabling nicely, and the acrylic gives the cotton a 'spring like' loft, so that sagging should be minimal. I've knitted with a cotton/acrylic blend before, and it's really a good mix.

I'm tempted to knit the entire thing in 4mm needles (instead of 5.oom)- a tighter knit should guard against the sag, but I'll have to swatch first, and do some Math. I've ordered an extra ten balls of ASC (it was going cheap) so that I can have yarn to do so.

But not before I finish my Blithe. I'm doing the back now, and when I settle, I'll do the sleeves as well.


JayJay said...

Is the military color more of a gray? I always associate green with the military, but that is probably my American bias. Lots of people have made the central park hoodie, so it seems like an excellent choice.

cranberry said...

Well, if you look at the high ranking commanders (like, the ones with the medals on their chests when they are making the official spiel), the uniforms are a really dark green. I wish I could get my hands on some cascade superwash yarn though. :/'