Sunday, 16 September 2007

I got tagged by hunnybunny!

So the rules are simple, use the letters of your middle name to describe yourself, and then tag five people. True story, I used to go by my middle name in prep school. I still think its a friendlier name than my first name. Once I reached high school, I had to use my first name.

Dang, I have been at this for an hour, halp?

Creative. I like to be creative, hence the love for knitting.
Harried, I tend to be rushed all the time.
Eager to learn new things.
Rhythm I can dance very well when no one's watching
Y - my favourite question to ask
Loyal- intensely so. It's a bad habit though.

No tags here, but feel free to try.

1 comment:

JayJay said...

Clever! My middle name is way too long for this meme, though (Jeanette).