Saturday, 22 September 2007

Stick a fork in me because Blithe is done!

Also, because I'm as plump as roasting hen.

Pilates, here I come.

Pattern: Blithe, by Kim Hargreaves. The pattern is very well written: there's alot going on in the pattern, but it spells it out so that you can do it at once. The pattern is interesting, and has a lovely tailored result to it. The next time I do this pattern, I'll do it in the round, because the stocking stitch (the back piece) damned near killed me with boredom.

Yarn: Paton's 4ply tumble rich yarn in chocolate. The yarn sucks: plasticky, splitty, the less said about that the better. In retrospect I should have used the yarn provided. Next time.
Mods: Different yarn, short row shaping for shoulders.
Size: 34" - could have gone up a size - or lose a stone! Will do the latter.


Becky-Dee said...

Wow that looks great! love the cute little buttons too!

Cat said...

I've been eyeing that pattern since it came out - yours looks fab. Love the buttons!

JayJay said...

Wow, I think it looks great! I also think it flatters your figure nicely and you don't at all look like you need to "lose a stone." Sorry the yarn was so awful. The color is nice and rich at least.

hunnybunny said...

That's beautiful! I think it looks fantastic on you!

Ahna said...

Hey! Love the results! And despite your self-effacing comments, I think you look great in it!

Just a question, if you don't mind. I am looking for just the pattern for this one and not the whole kit (not economical when you consider the US/UK exchange rate and I'm not going to be in the UK to buy it myself this year). Do you know where just the pattern can be found? A book, etc.?