Monday, 24 September 2007

Sarah Hatton - my new favourite designer.

Okay, so Ms. Hatton isn't a new designer. She started working with Rowan from issue 37. But she's really come into her own between 2006 to now. She has a new book out with designs for the whole family, with the new Rowan wool yarns. Look here for a total browse.

She has also done the sweetest designs for felting to the point where I'm thinking of buying it just because.... even though I don't do felting.

I do like Ms. Hatton's style. It's a wink to the classic without being too stuffy, high fashion without being too OTT.

Oh! Also, have you seen Martin Storey's new work. A few of the jumpers are actually simple enough for my hubby to wear. Well done indeed.

Are there any new designs y'all are gung ho about?


JayJay said...

There are a couple patterns in the new Knitty that I like, Mr. Greenjeans and Cherie Amour. I really need to knit more and spend less time looking at patterns, though! My knitting queue is getting way too long.

Becky-Dee said...

I love sarah hatton designs too! I love the work she has done for the the 'studio' collections. I wanna knit 'patti'. I am also in love with the patterns in the new knit.1 magazine!