Thursday, 23 August 2007

I'm on Ravelry!

And holy time suck, Batman, it's taking all my moral strength to resist just diving in and forgetting about the little things, like jobs, social life and money.

Anyways, I'm jazzypom on ravelry, since cranberry was taken.

Hopefully, when I get back, Blithe should be on its way to being done.


Becky-Dee said...

woohoo! yay you are on ravelry! my username is beckydee. I'll add you!

The Wannabe said...

Haha if you don't want to attract attention to the bikini area, do the graphic prints on top and go solid on bottom ;D

JayJay said...

Ah, yes, the time suck that is Ravelry. I've been avoiding my account for nearly a month since my schedule has been too busy.