Sunday, 2 December 2007

Shoot, December already?

I don't have any pictures of my pullover to show as yet... but I'm halfway up the back and my sleeves are already done. Am looking at my yarn stash and something needs to be done. So, I'm stash diving into all my pattern books. So, although it's only December (but Christmas is about three weeks away!) and Jan 2008 is just around the corner, here's my knitting resolutions in 2008.

  • Knit more. Seriously, I need to knit more. I tend to buy yarn, patterns, knitting notations, and do nothing with it. Seriously, I need to knit more.
  • Will attempt my first lace knit. It's about time. I have patterns, and lace yarn in my stash.
  • I need to knit other patterns apart from Rowan. I have Vogue, Knit 1, Phildar and online patterns in my stash. More variety in knitting patterns needed!
  • Expand on my colour choices a bit. Pink, charcoal and buttercup yellow.
  • No new yarn until I've used up two tops worth of the old stash.
That's about it, really.



Becky-Dee said...

Good luck! Me? I should start knitting all the things that I have been sketching in my notebook.

JayJay said...

Wow, you're quite early with these! With a baby on the way, I probably won't propose anything too ambitious. I will post something on New Year's Day.

You seem to knit so fast, so I am excited by what you will produce when you knit more!