Saturday, 8 December 2007

Phildar jumper :70 percent done

A lovely blogger popped by to see the progress of my jumper! Awww... *blushes*. So, I'll show you where I am. In one week, I did the back and two sleeves (the colour isn't so grey, its more a spruce, like a dark peacock blue, or an intense teal, but its grey and rainy)!

I've never really knitted from a chart before, and I got mixed up. So, I've done colour coding for my charts! Blue is purl stitch, pink is knit stitch and yellow is the miscellaneous stitch manipulations that I need to do (like M1, p2tog, etc.).

For the back and front, I've made the length of the jumper 5mm instead of 1.5m. I need the length. I'm dead pleased about my first leaf and stem, and do hope to be quarter done with the front tonight. It's difficult doing this in front of the TV, so I've had to go back two rows. I might have to do a life line or two as well. But hopefully, I'll be able to do lace knitting with the whole chart reading.

I really think I want to get some knit picks harmony knitting needles though. My tension is a tad tight with the metallic needles. They are also a joy to knit with on the bus. I can keep my elbows tucked in, and if I can't finish a row, I just arrange my needles just so, and I never fear dropped stitches or the like.

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michou said...

Thanks for the "lovely" ;-)
This sweater will be fab, I am sure. Your stitches look so even - perfect for this pattern. Charts are great as soon as you are used to it. When I started knitting patterns without charts, I got pretty confused, too and marked the rows in the description: done, done, done because I couldn't remember what I had already done and what not.

Becky-Dee said...

wow you have done a lot in a week! I like the sound of the colour too.

JayJay said...

It looks very nice so far! The color-coded chart sounds like a brilliant solution. Lately, I've been too distracted and tired to do anything but garter stitch.

michou said...

Let me kick you once more: I want to see more pictures of the wonderful you in a wonderful finished leafy! :-)