Saturday, 15 December 2007

an SOS

Yeah, for all the three people who read this blog. If you actually see a pattern similar to the mustard cardi on the right, email me. Knowing my luck, it will be in a Rebecca magazine with a lace pattern (but they don't seem to have a stocklist in the the UK anymore according to my local yarnshop person).

I do like the cardigan and would even do it in the same mustard colour or a terra cotta colour. I'd probably do it in about 1300m 4ply (fingering) yarn bought from I'm thinking something soft, soft, soft. If I had the money, it would be cashmere, or wool/silk or cotton cashmere. *sighs*

Oh Santa, I've been a good girl all year, I have.

If I can't find the pattern I'm going to have to whip out that Barbara Walker book and bust a move. The stocking stitch might be the death of me, but whatever right? I'm going to have to sketch it, add about +4 -6 inches of ease and find someone with a knitting machine. Trust.

Wish us luck, eh?


michou said...

Hmm, it shouldn`t be to difficult to knit with a selfmade pattern. There was one pattern that would be great but it was in another Phildar mag and - even - worse it is sold out as far as I could make it out.

You can find it in Ravelry and perhaps one the gals could copy it???

mooncalf said...

There are a lot of longer line cardigans in the late-20s Rowan magazines. This one is in 4ply - if you shortened it and added patch pockets it might be similar:

mooncalf said...

P.S. You've got a lot more patience than I have if you can handle that much stocking stitch in 4ply - phew!

JayJay said...

It is very pretty, but all that stockinette! Ugh! I can't recall seeing anything like that, but if I do I'll send you a link.