Friday, 30 November 2007

Everything changes, nothing remains without change

I do understand why people have strong feelings towards change. Why change is regarded with fear and loathing.

I myself know that change isn't always sudden, immediate or shocking. Change is inexoriable, unyeilding and constant. The notion of change should be met with equanimity, even a sort of eagerness.

We grow with change.

This is what I told myself. It was time to break away from Rowan patterns, to see how magazines do it, to add some spice to the knitting. Now that I've taken up with this Phildar pattern, and am totally foxed by these dashed instructions. I'm doing the third size (hello, gauge issues) up and at the end, I should have 13 sts to cast off. My calculations tell me otherwise.

Care to see?

Starting amt of stitches =63

Cast off 3 stitches twice and 2 stitches once. (3+3+3+3+2+2=16)

Then cast off two stitches from each edge of following alt rows.

single decrease 3 times (here, I assume that it means single decrease one stitch at each end of row) 3x2=6


On foll 4th rows, sgl dec 4 times (4x2=8)


On following alternate rows, single decrease 3 times (3x2=6)

29-6=23 sts

Then on each edge of following alt rows cast off 2 sts twice (wherein 2 sts on alt row cast off twice - that's 2+2+2+2=8)

23-8= 15

Cast off 3 sts (on foll alt rows) once (3+3 = 6)

15-6= 9

When work meas 43 cm after ribbing, cast off rem 13 sts.


Ugh. This is why I've taken so long on the sleeves. No one who's done this pattern on ravelry hasn't said anything about the sleeves and the stitch count, so I'm going to assume that it's my fault.

What am I doing wrong? Have I factored in too many decreases? Do you just decrease only once (as in, decrease stitches on one side of the work, leave the other side untouched until the other other)?

What am I doing wrong?

I think I might just leave the sleeves to stew, and then carry on with the back and front. I want to wear this top for Christmas and it's thwarting me! *Is thwarted*

Am I teh dumb?

Right now, I spit on change. Phooey.

ETA: A fellow raveler sent us some instructions. Her math is on point. I, am teh suck who now fears change.

I just went through it and I get 13. Here's what I reckon

(start with 63)

Rows 1, 2, 3 and 4 - cast off 3 Rows 5 and 6 - cast off 2

(16 decreased)

on alternate rows: sgl dec 3 times (-6) every 4th row: sgl dec 4 times (-8) on alternate rows: sgl dec 3 times (-6)

(20 more decreased)

cast off 2 four times (-8) cast off 3 twice (-6)

(13 remain)


mooncalf said...

I think the bit that is causing is confusion is the section that reads "then 2 st from each edge of foll alt rows". It is trying to tell you to do the decreases 2 stitches IN from the edge but it isn't the clearest!

JayJay said...

I'm so glad you figured it out! I've had this happen too and it is so frustrating. Just think how wonderful it will turn out in the end!