Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Hee, I'm actually writing a novel for nanowrimo.

Never mind that I'll have to do five thousand words a day (I'm already up to over 5000 words in two day, go me).

Of course, since I'm just writing this by the seat of my pants, it's a lot of nonsense. But the main action takes place around a yarn shop, and there are assasins and guns. But it takes place in a yarn shop and stuff.

So, since I promised you something related to knitting in my blog, behold an excerpt from my Nanowrimo. With a disclaimer and all that - it's not been revised. Also, the work (as scrubby as it is) is mine. Respect mah copyright!

The scene is this: Daniel (one of my main characters) is on the lookout for F, (another character) and he finds himself in a yarn shop.

The colours could thrill, he admitted, his eyes noting the grid of yarn ranging from blues to reds, following the reds as they slid into florid pinks and manic oranges before happily skipping to yellows and soothing into creams.

It was not only colour, but texture; some yarns were balls of the colour of eclipses, deep blacks and blues, so dark that they absorbed light, instead of reflecting it outwards. Other yarns had hints of shimmer in them, and they flirted and flitted with the swings of luminousity and movement, some balls were hazy as half-remembered dreams and others with patterns so sharp, they were a blur on the eye.

Then, there were the – needles- he assumed, looking at pointed plastic sticks as thick as his arm tapered to a point. They were made for knights to joust with for honour and the hand of a fair maiden, not for knitting.

Despite his annoyance, Daniel had to smile.

That's like, the only thing that's close to making sense. I'm actually enjoying the process. I don't think I'd ever see a publisher in this lifetime, but I'm happy.

Are you doing Nanowrimo? Have you ever been tempted?


mooncalf said...

I'm very impressed by the dedication involved in committing to nanowrimo. I'm currently struggling to find 100 words a day to post on my blog so the idea of 5000 fictional words boggles my mind. When I'm into the flow of blogging I might try Project 365 (one photo per day) or one of those knitting challenges with a fixed deadline...

JayJay said...

I like how you really capture the visual experience of a yarn shop! I write so much for work (and I'm really behind as a matter of fact) that I haven't committed o anything else. I am in great admiration of those who do, however!