Thursday, 18 October 2007

Our love is a ball of yarn

Hello! Been trying to post to my blog from yesterday, but blogger wasn't having it. So, anyway, My Friend Pat came around to my house on Sunday with a suprise! It was an old fashioned ball winder! It's lovely, and although it doesn't have a clamp, and I have to balance it on my knee, it's all good. I've never wound balls of yarn so fast and so neatly!

So, here's what I did over the weekend, I frogged my topdown cardi, because it wasn't working. It was too chunky, and more for a 6mm needle than the 5mm I was working with. So, the balls have been wound, and am thinking of doing Japel's Cropped Ribbed Cardigan. It would be topdown as well as warm and relatively stylish. Then, I wound balls of yarn from wool to mohair.

Right now, I'm at the stage in between the major projects: you know, that stage where you have your tongue tucked in the side of your mouth as you consider what next to take on. Whatever shall I put your resources of time and yarn into? That rugged hooded Central Park Hoodie, or the smart Cherry by Anna Bell. Or, should I step off the ledge with only breezes to cushion me as I grab my needles and first lace pattern?

To be honest, I don't think I'm going to be doing as much knitting as I'd like to, because I'm still looking for jobs. *sighs*

Oh well, whatever next I knit, it will be using up the stash. I have some nice yarn and it's time to show it off. Stay tuned for the swatching sessions!


Courtney said...

I love ball winders :-) They are so helpful :-)

Heather said...

If you live in hoodies and are at all *nesh* like me then I would say make the CPH. I haven't made it myself but it seems to be very popular.
The shawl is gorgeous but are you a shawl wearer?

JayJay said...

Oh, I can't wait to see some swatches! I haven't tried any of Japel's stuff, but I just love the looks of her designs. I bought her recent book and picked out several things I'd love to knit.