Monday, 29 October 2007

Kim Hargreaves has a new pattern book out

It is The Darkhouse collection and you can see an overview of the patterns here. What to say? The designs are classic without being boring, enough gothic to give them an edge.

My PC is bugging, so I can't upload all the pictures I like. Boo. This one Emily suits me to the tee. Look at the scooped neckline, the sweet eyelet details at the cuffs and hem. Look at Storm, a cardigan done in Rowan's big wool. Kim Hargreaves makes bulky sexy, and slimming by adding shaping and eyelet stitches. Oh, I might not be as lithe as that lass to the right, but I know that that shape can work with me. Dammit, I knew I shouldn't have bought those other books on Amazon.

This book is direct from Ms. Hargreaves' website, which is unfortunate, especially since the WearDowney mavens (a far lesser effort) have their book on Amazon.

I can almost hear the platoon of knitters casting on now.

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JayJay said...

I have to agree, that bulky cardigan looks fantastic! It would be nice to see it on a more "normal" body, though. The scoop neck looks like it would be flattering on variety of bodies. Why are there so many darn good patterns out there? Must knit faster! ;)