Friday, 17 August 2007

A letter to my friend, Pat.

Dear Pat

Wow, this is an embarassment of knitterly riches. First Rowan comes up trumps with a good issue, I fall for Debbie Bliss and now this.

Kim Hargreaves has such a STRONG fall collection. I see at least three pieces that I want on my needles today. I love everything about Still (the jumper in the pink Calmer yarn, with the square neckline and tight sleeves) even the colour. I see that Evie is just Blithe - but in another yarn (Cashsoft 4ply), colour and without buttons. Hmmm... have you knitted with the cashsoft before? Is it machine washable? What's the price like? I'd do my Blithe in that yarn, because of its warmth and softness.

I'm two minds about the suggested matchmaker merino, but I shall buy a ball tomorrow, knit a swatch and see how it feels after a wash and steam. If it gets soft enough apres blocking, it's on like popcorn.

Yes, you have a good eye! The Debbie Bliss cardigan in Vogue is the same one in her book: I shall get the Vogue issue just for the charts. I do prefer the girl in Debbie Bliss' book though: she doesn't look emaciated like the girl on the VK cover and I think the cable in lilac is a nice subversion of colours for cables, especially when you compare it with the hohum grey that VK has.

Ah, to think that I was just going to cast on for Blithe in the 4ply cotton I had - despite my second and third thoughts. I do see myself selling that 4ply cotton if anything: or just knitting it for spring, since knitted cottons are rather heavy. But I agree with you with the 4ply yarn. Wool or a warm, light mix is better .*sighs*

Brown, charcoal or military green? I'm drawn towards brown, and I think the rowan cashsoft brown is yummy. You?

Well, off to look at Kim Hargreaves' work again, and drool. Have you checked out the new Interview Knits as yet? The cover jacket is to die for.

Best regards,


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JayJay said...

I have some Cashsoft in the stash. I haven't knitted with it yet, but it does feel very soft and luscious. I think it may be machine wash too (I can check if you would like).

I will have to check out the new Vogue. I have the new interweave and it has a few cute things in it, although honestly my knitting backlog is ridiculous so I won't be trying any in the near future.