Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Sorry about my lack of photographic skills

I just thought that you'd like to see more images in the book. There is nothing more frustrating than seeing the cover of a book, but not the images, you know what I mean? Well, this long... cardigan? Column of crochet? Architectual wonder? Is the 'Wedding dress' photo of the book. Ms Durham sets out the book rather like the workings of a fashion show. You have the day time clothes and accessories. The flirty, the coquette, the classic and all over attitudes of fashion, until you get to the Wedding Dress, where the designer shows off his skill and aesthetic to a T. Oh, if you click on the images they become bigger. But you know that, right?

I like this skirt. It's done with a cotton/lyrca blend. There are a lot of patterns in this book that calls for stretch, which is good, because we know how inflexible crochet can be when it comes to stretch. I'm almost tempted to do this skirt, just to see if I could do it. :)

It seems that Ms. Durham learnt from the criticism of the first book (people were saying that the models were too thin, the measurements too ana), so her models look solid. Curvy. Strong. Some on this side of zaftig. The measurements start at at 32" bust and waltz up to 48", I think (my cms to inches are a bit dodgy). Also, as is stated before, there's a lot of cotton/lyrca blends that she calls for, so that there is some stretch to the garment. She also uses wool (big sigh on my part, I'm trying to get away from wool, but there isn't a lot of elastic tweedy acyrlic/cotton blends out there, no?), so have a care.

I love this shawl. I think it's called a Solomon knot - paired together with the three dimensiona doiles. Fab, no?
I really need to do a good review of this book, but so many assignments, so little time.

What I'd say is, this book is stronger than her Loop d Loop book for knitting. Although I admired her aesthetic for the knitting Loop d Loop, there wasn't much to move me to knit things for myself, especially when you compare it to Norah Gaughn's Knitting Nature.

Ms Durham also gives little asides, as in, what inspired her to do X and Y, and there's a delightful yarn about her grandmother. She seemed as mad as Fat Tuesday, but a thrill to hang with.

I can't vouch for the clarity and ease of her chart following, so I don't know if there are any erratas to boot.

As a novice crocheter, I appreciate the fact that she has 'beginner', 'Intermediate' and 'Advanced' on her projects, so I know how much tears I'm going to spill.

I do hope this potted view of the book has helped you to decide if you want to get it or not!
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JayJay said...

I agree, the shawl is fab! I'm excited to see what you make.

JayJay said...

You've been tagged for the "7 things" meme! By-the-way, your photography skills are just fine, and thanks again for posting!