Friday, 11 May 2007

More pictures from 'no sheep for you'

Wow. This first jumper - aran design to boot - is made from Rowan Calmer. It starts at 11 balls of Rowan Calmer for a 36" bust. Can you say "Wow!" It doth boggle the mind, the fact that you can do such complicated cables with cotton yarn. It also means that in order for me to attempt this I'd have to find £80 just to make this jumper - or I could do it for quarter of the price in an icky colour of Calmer that doesn't suit. Okayyyyy.
This other jumper is a beauty. It's cabled X's and O's with cotton/linen yarn blend. I actually have some yarn that would suit. But do I really need another complicated cardi? In addition, it doesn't have any shaping - and I'm a bit too zaftig not to need shaping, if you know what I mean.
Finally, I think (knock on wood) that I'm almost breaking the back of this Loll jumper. On the needles I now have the two fronts (flourish of trumpets here). I do want to put buttons on this thing, I do and I need to do a buttonhole that won't break the pattern or have me swallowing my stitches. I really haven't gotten to grips with yfwd and the rest of it yet. *sigh* This colour is true to the ball. Thank ye Gods for the little light we had today. I wish Calmer had more saturated colours like this, oh I wish.

Anyhoos, just thought that you'd actually want to see some pretty pictures.

Also, I need to get some 4.5mm circular needles, it seems that American knitters have no truck with straights, but the straights I had to hand (Pony circulars) are terrible. Ugh.

I might just go back to crochet after this Loll. It's breaking me.
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Nell said...

Its looking just great Jaz, chin up!!

BTW, I am NOT pregnant. I repeat, I am NOT pregnant!!! ;)

Oksana said...

Hey, cheer up! Your cardigan is looking great, and you're almost done!
As for buttons, a set of whimsical red ones would look nice! I can't tell how intricate the stitching on this cardigan is, but perhaps complimentary buttons would look better on an intricate cardigan. The opposite for a plainer one. 'Just for the sake of not overwhelming the senses ;)

JayJay said...

The cardigan looks lovely! I'm excited to see the finished product.