Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I drool - a quick review on loop d loop crochet

So, a confession. Way before I knew the way of the sticks, I used to crochet. Now in the West Indies, you didn't really crochet clothes or even follow a pattern per se, you'd learn from your Mum, or your Grandmum, and through imitation, you might innovate and the rest of it. So, I learnt how to do chain stitches, make flowers and do the odd doily. But since I was not one for high teas, or entertaining, the skill of crochet fled into the unconscious, and laid therein, slumbering. Debbie Stoeller's The Happy Hooker crochet series stirred my interest. Learned to do a few stitches, and the patterns were cute, but didn't move me with their aesthetic. I was waiting... with hooks stashed to one side, being all Cindrella singing, "One day my Prince will come."

Oh Teva Durham, how I heart thee! Her patterns came, laid their lips on my brow, and oh! I now yearn to pick up the hook, to do as she does, to imitate, yes, but oh! How the heart sings at her patterns, the cunning of her stitches. Prithee kind reader, look to the mustard boots of the top page. Isn't it just fab! Very chic, tres elegante. I lust.
And oh! Look at the delicate socks, juxtaposed against such healthy calves (I have a pair myself, developed from teenage soccer and badminton high jinx). Look at the crazy pavement of the patterns, rather like runs in stockings gone mad. Oh, so charming they are.
But Ms. Durham doesn't leave it there. No, like a true artist, she goes for the clothes as well. Look at the rustic crocheted jacket, with the doilies - the earthy colours make it so special. Normally, when it comes to clothing, I tend to want to change the value of tones. But no, this is perfect.
This orange gorgeousity is what made me decide to throw knitting to the wind - for now. Look at how it hangs, look at the lovely negative and positive space of the pattern. It looks like a dream out of a boutique, one that you'd pay arms, legs and half a torso for. So what if you couldn't walk, play or eat? This is dream crocheted into form, loops of desire coming into being.

Ah Teva, I wake, perchance to scream and sob at the patterns (is there any errata online? Does anyone know?).

Knitting, I take leave of you my darling. To go back to my first craft, to see... well... if it could work this time. You understand don't you, darling?
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JayJay said...

Thank you so much for posting photos! Now I know I really must have it. :) I too was a crocheter first. I didn't know you were from the West Indies! So is my husband!

Salli Vates said...

How lovely! I just wish crocheting didn't take as much yarn as knitting... it gets expensive. But there are definitely some things that look much better in crochet... I much prefer crocheted lace to knitted. I think I'll go over to Purl and check out this book.