Saturday, 14 April 2007

No pictures to post

Doing Kim Hargreave's Blithe with the recommended yarn.

The cotton is slippery on metal, and I find that I have to knit tightly to get gauge on said metal needles. I have no bamboo needles in 2.25mm, and am thinking of ripping this baby back and doing it on 2.0mm bamboo needles so that they 'grab' at the cotton more.


Also, the horizontal rib is a bit tricky to do, because you can't 'read' the stitches too well to see if you're doing a purl or knit stitch.

Nell, m'darling, if you're reading, would you recommend me doing this in brownsheep 4ply ? I'm thinking that the 20 percent wool content will let it have more 'give'.





Nell said...

Do they do a 4 ply? If I were you, I wouldn't. The one thing this yarn doesn't do is 'give'! But that's just my opinion. Could you not scale the pattern down and do it with larger, looser gauge? That would give it more give.....?

JayJay said...

I definitely prefer using bamboo with cotton! I hope you find a way to make this project go more easily.