Tuesday, 17 April 2007

House of weardowney - knitting inspiration

My knitting friend Pat is always a twitter about house of weardowney, a duo of knitting designers. I admire their sense of style, and do hope to actually own an item of theirs from the Capsule line at Topshop (I'll admit, at times I find Topshop a little too young for me, but most times, I tell myself that I'm always 12, before I hand over the plastic. Ahem).

Anyways, what I admire about this duo is how they make knitting new - through the manipulation of stitches and the use of various emblishments. I love that khaki knit top, sooo sexy.
These knee high knits are cute. I'm actually coming around to the beauty of the knee highs, even though my calves are far from elfin (I'm peanut butter chunky, sigh).
Look, a knitting two piece. The bottoms are shaped like old fashioned bloomers I had to wear under my P. E. shorts. I love the drape of this two piece, without the bottom looking like diaper butt. I'd wear this to lounge around the house.
I put this here, little cable top, what stops it from looking mumsy is the square neckline, and the fact that the cables are tiny.

My only grouse is the colour used. I hate the biscuit colours that knitting magazines tend to use. I can understand why, so you can see the stitch detailing and such, but *heaves a put upon sigh* I hate biscuit.

Speaking of designs and bland mcbland colours, have you seen the new Rowan Studio? I like Hermia (I'm reading it as 'hernia') which is a cowl neck long sleeved jumper with moss (seed) stitch on the edges. Simple, effective, probably a bore to knit... but I need that right now. Octavia is kinda blah, but it's the best design for the bamboo tape that I've seen. Madame Hatton uses the drape of the yarn to its best effect, even though I've gone off the 'V' necklines nowadays.
Cressida is a nice button through top. I love the neckline, the stitch design, but it seems similar to knitty's thermal.

FYI: Hermia is this one and Cressida is the one on the bottom.

The thing is though, Hermia calls for Rowan double knit cotton, and cressida is in cotton glace. Also, hah.

The reason I scoff, is that I'm using cotton 4ply for Kim Hargreaves' Blithe on metallic needles (because I don't have the correct bamboo sticks) and it doesn't half slide and throw my gauge off. Hmmph.


JayJay said...

Those are some hot knits! (and I don't mean they'll keep you warm) I would love to make some over-the-knee socks, but I doubt they would look good on me.

The Hermia looks cute, although I always get more use out of cardigans so I would probably make Cressida. Either way, I agree that those colors are bland!

cranberry said...

Aren't they fab, though? I'm leanig towards tubey at the minute. I need a boring mindless knit so that I can start watching tv again!

Jamie said...

Hello- I am currently knitting the Hermia sweater! However, I've seemed to misplace the second page of the pattern! I've finished both the front and back panels, and now i am halfway through my sleeve, but I am stuck! Do you know where I could find the rest of this pattern online??? I am desperate!! thank you!