Sunday, 8 April 2007

Knitted stuff I've done


Just thought I'd show you knitted stuff I've done! The jumper (green), is Salina knitted in felted tweed. My first jumper, my third project (after a first scarf and then a mohair lace scarf). The Salina is a nice design, but I think the shoulders of the pattern are too wide. A friend of mine did this,and even with her skills, the shoulders were still too wide for the size, so have a care. In addition to this,the yarn itches against my bare skin. But I'm knitting something else with this yarn, to wear over a t-shirt. More on that anon.

There's a progress of me with my first sock - done on dpns in Opal yarn. I don't like knitting with the Opal yarn, it feels like stringy tendons, and the patterns weren't that entertaining to do. Nell raves about doing socks on long circulars and lorna's laces, so I think I might try that on my next camping trip.

The jumper that I'd love to knit (it's not here) is called demi from Rowan vintage styles, designed by Kim Hargreaves. I sorely wish to knit this, but with a different yarn, and learning to cable without said needle. Tomorrow, if I'm good, I'm going to take pictures of all the stuff I have going on the needles right now. It seems that Picassa only allows 4 pictures at a time, but that should be enough, don't you think?

So, erm... hopefully, a picture post anon!
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great stuff! :D