Thursday, 22 March 2007

Wherein I cry glistening, emo tears

I am attempting the Kim Hargreaves pattern from the Rowan Calmer collection called http:// Loll.

I forget how to do the link so that it forms a word.

Now, a bit of background.

I'd classify myself as an intermediate knitter - as in, I can follow a pattern, do fair isle, and am able to figure out where I've gone wrong. My second knitting project was a jumper (the first was the ubiquitious scarf), and I think mentally, I'm strong enough rip stuff back without crying (I've gotten tougher over the years).

But this pattern is kicking my candy ass all over the place. It left home with lollipops and ass kicking, and somehow turned up at the step of my flat with the latter. So far, I've had to rip the sleeves back, and am looking to rip all 30 rows of fronds (on the bottom of said pattern)back to the cast on. *sob*

The Rowan consultant at my LYS loves the loll pattern, to the point of her knitting it once and looking to do another one because it is so clever. After watching me struggle with said pattern, she's like: "How long have you been knitting?"

Says I, "Two years, I reckon."

She leans over and breifly squeezes my hand. "You're a baby, all you need to learn is how to do continental and awareness with your knitting and you'll be fine."

That told me.

I think I'm going to put my Loll away for the while and focus on how to do lace.

Also, I need to read on how to do pictures for this blogger. Baby steps.


Nell said...

Jazz, I'm sure Helen didn't mean to put you off! Persevere!

To post a picture, you need to host it somewhere, like photobucket or flickr. When you upload it there, it is assigned a URL. In the blogger 'create post' window there is an icon above the bit where you type for adding a photo. Click it and it gives you a space to insert the URL.

Similarly, to put a link in a word, highlight that word, then click the hyperlink botton (I think it has a globe on it!) and insert the URL.

Hope that helps!!

Nell x

scarybez said...

Hey there,

Just to add to what Nell said - if you don't have a flickr site or whatever you can download the photo right from your computer by going to the photo icon and then to the 'browse' box on the left hand side of the picture box. If you want to use a picture from another website (eg. a pic of the Rowan top you're working on from the Rowan site) then it's probably best to save it to your computer and upload it, or put it on your own flickr/photobucket/etc site rather than linking directly to their site which is stealing their server space, which is frowned upon (apparently).

Happy knitting!

cranberry said...

Thanks, y'all. I'll definitely get a photobucket account and do the hyperlinks properly.

Thanks again.