Tuesday, 13 March 2007


My first post! Blogger is being a turd for the past couple of months ever since I listed this blog.

So, I guess a potted introduction is in order.

I have an afro and I knit with bamboo sticks. Hence, erm... the blog name.

My knitting style: unfortunately, I'm one of these process knitters. Love knitting that I will learn something new from, and the notion of miles and miles of stocking stitch leaves me cold.

Unfortunately, I have not necessarily worn the things that I've knit and I've been knitting for the past... two years? It's just that, well... when I started knitting, I was advised to use wool due to its elasticity and relatively cushy texture for a novice knitter. It's taken me 18 months to decide that I'm not really into certain sorts of yarn at all.

Right now I'm pulling down a jumper - Kim Hargreave's Salina with Rowan felted tweed. The felted tweed is a lovely yarn - it's nice to knit with, lovely deep heathered colours, but it has alpaca in there and it's very itchy against my skin as a result. So am pulling it down to make a tiny slipover. The yarn is thin enough to wear under a jacket without being bulky, and really quite warm. It doesn't cost the earth as well. A caveat is that this yarn tends to pop when ripping (rather like Jaeger's aqua trinity) so have a care.

Will try and get pictures up in this blog, to keep myself focused on knitting.

This year, I tell myself it is about product instead of process, and taking my time to sew up.

I also tell myself that this is the year I'm going to learn lace. I'm reading the techniques on various blogs and texts, and I do think I understand the concepts, but the proof is in the swatch, right?

Right, off to do some more ripping. About 1100 yards of double knit yarn. Yikes.

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Nell said...

Hey Jazz!! Nice to see you have a new blog up, thanks for coming and commenting on mine! Love the name of your blog by the way, so apt.!

I am holding your hand across the t'internet, whilst you frog back that beautiful jumper. Can't wait to see it reincarnated!

Nell xx