Thursday, 29 March 2007

so... I learned somethings new today. :)

The last time we left our intrepid heroine, she was curled in a fetal position in the corner of her room, eating her hair due to her difficulties with Loll.

Today, oh glorious day!

Today, I started lace. I've learnt how to thumb cast on (who knew? It's rather like a long tail cast on - but better). I've also learnt the difference between a yarn over and a yarn forward. Before I actually start on the relatively upmarket rowan cashcotton yarn though, I'm doing it on a scrap of alpaca.

I do hope that I take to lace relatively quickly and neatly though, because I'd actually like to get a piece of knitting where I can sit and dream. One of the things that attracted me to knitting was the supposedly meditative aspect of it. In my two years of knitting, I've been annoyed, attracted, vexed and hearbroken. Meditative it aint. It would be nice to do a bit of knitting where my mind can wander, but I'm afraid of miles of stocking stitch, though.

Will set up my photobucket today, wish me luck!

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