Sunday, 15 July 2007

Is simplicity best, or sometimes the easiest? part 1

Normally, I'm what you call a monagamous knitter. I tend to cast on for one project, then stay on said project to completion. It's not to be holier than thou, or whatever, it's just me.

But I'm glad that I did those Harding gloves, just because I've my topdown raglan back on the needles and am raring to go. Hooyaah!

See the hill, take the hill!

Finally, I got enough increases to separte the sleeves from the body (as seen in pictures one and two). It took much more increases (as dictated in cosmic pluto's pattern) to get the sleeves to meet under my armpits, and I think they are a bit big (my arm circumference is 21cm, but the sleeves are 24cm) it's all good though, I can wear stuff underneath the cardigan and not having to worry about bunching and jumping. Did I say life was good? Yes, I did.

Now that the sleeves are off, I'm just doing the body, and hopefully, I should be finished with this sharpish. Instead of decreasing/increasing this time around, I'll be doing ribbing (1x1) for basic shaping, like the blue sky alpacas cardi.

To be honest, I don't know about this whole topdown process.

I can see its uses: you use less yarn, and can literally see your way through your design in that you cannot help but be involved. It's also a good way of feeling a three dimensional design, sort of modular knitting. I can see it being useful for the one skien wonder shrug that Glampyre has going on, and knitters like Brooklyn tweed have made an art out of doing Zimmermanesque topdown stuff, but I don't know my feelings towards this method as yet.

I don't know if it's because I've done piece knitting and the results have been okay and that I actually enjoy piece knitting.

If I failed, it wasn't because of the pattern, it was to do with the yarn (felted tweed is itchy), me not really noting my measurements, or just the whole new knitter syndrome. I have nothing against piece knitting, and my yarn is soft enough to make sure the seams don't scratch the bejesus out of me.

I don't even mind sewing up - the trick is not to rush, and read and plan as much as you can before breaking out the needle and thread.

So far, cosmicpluto's pattern is spot on, the instructions are straightforward (I'm doing the topdown 2.0 version), and I'm just enjoying the notion of doing something new and different.

I shall not disparage the topdown process though, it's a bit of all right, and I'm sure that it will make me a better knitter.

It's a process that's simple and although it might not be the best (I probably say this because there's little in the way of topdown patterns with inset sleeves - what's up with that, dawg?) it's sure as hell the easiest.

Speaking of simplicity being the best, easiest and the rest of it, I have a book recommendation to make. I'll do it in the next post, however, because blogger doesn't seem to be working with me and images.

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JayJay said...

The sweater is looking lovely! I haven't done anything top-down yet, but I will probably try something soon. I too have no problem with piece knitting.