Monday, 30 July 2007

But not tonight

So sorry that I've inactive.

The past couple of days have been lovely, so the hubster and myself did a seven mile hike (and I'm still sore!), and I've been making use of the sunshine in terms of walking into town, skipping in the sunshine and just trying to lose the winter weight. It also seems that I might have to distance myself from fat people (I'm lucky, in that my only obsese friend lives 5000 miles away - and she's doing something about her size) because obseity is contagious.

Huh. It seems my mum was right, about your friends being a reflection of yourself. Size 8 (UK) peoples, where art thou?

I'm not fanatical about my weight, no but I live in Europe, and anything over a size 14 (US 10) relegates you to the big girls' section in the store. As Ms. Westwood says, it's convient to be a (UK) size 12. I'm trying to stick to that, although to be a size 10 (US 6) would be ideal, because I'm short. Also, my family (on my father's side) has a history of diabetes and high blood pressure, so it behooves me to be on this side of size 14.

Knitting wise, I've been okay. No lie, I'm not enjoying the topdown at all - I know that it's because of the yarn. It's splitty, snags on needles (even dull bamboo) and I think any yarn over 4.5mm (aran weight) for me feels unweildy, and unforgiving. I do miss working with 3.75mm (US 5) needles and comparative sized yarn. I think I knit faster then.

Also, I've got a new phone (Nokia N95) and wow. For the past two years I've been using the Sony Ericsson k 750i and it's a nice phone.

The infterface of the SE K750i is easy to move around, and the T-9 capabilities (predictive texting) is so much easier than the Nokia's. Who knew?

My main reason for getting the Nokia is due to the hubster's influence, I'm afraid. He likes the GPS system that the phone boasts (with an internal tracker) while I was (and am) attracted to the camera. 5 megapixels - and something that I'd carry around everyday, instead of having to think about getting out my Sony camera.

I'll miss my Sony Ericsson k750i though. *sighs* It is a great phone.

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JayJay said...

Hiking sounds fun! I've been bad about knitting myself recently for somewhat similar reasons. The two biggest UFOs I have staring at me both use yarn that is not that fun to work with and are coming along rather slowly.

Sorry your new phone isn't up to par with the old one. I've had that happen before too and it stinks.