Thursday, 14 June 2007

Let me call you sweetheart, I'm in love with you.

So, in John Lewis scoping for yarn the other day (as you do), when Helen, knitting svengali, asks me if I can knit something for charity. "It won't take long," she says. "Just half an hour, tops." I'm like, "OK, what do you wish me to knit?"
"Caps," she said. "With pom poms."
Well, it would be churlish to say no to knitting caps for charity, no? So, I consented. Imagine my surprise when I was told it would be for bottle tops, for a drink company called Innocent.
I had seen the the knitted caps on the bottles before, some time last year, but I thought nothing of it. It seems that for every bottle sold with a cap on, 50p goes to Age Concern, a UK charity. They buy blankets, pay heating and what not for the elderly.

According to the directions of the booklet, you cast on 28 st in a dk/worsted weight yarn. Knit 12 rows, then k2 to get 14 rows and k2 again to get seven rows. You then break the yarn about 25 cms long, thread it through the live sts on knitting needle, tighten then sew the side. After that you make a pom pom and sew it on the hat. I have my two guys from orange posing beside the hat.

This is the booklet with the instructions. You have beginner, intermediate and advanced patterns. I did the beginners, because I wanted to see if I could do continental knitting without having a cow. My pink cap is done in continental knit while my green and white cap is done in english (the knitting that I usually do). It seems that I knit tightly in continental. I'm assuming because I haven't really gotten a handle on my tension yet. I'm still trying to make my thread 'flow'. The sheep posing in the spun yarn cap (I swapped with a lovely woman from craftster, and she sent me a delightful sample of her spun yarn. I'm sure she'd get a kick out of it being used for charity) is called Purlo, she's a gift from my Spanish friend.

The 'stool' that Purlo is sitting on is my Garnier face cream.
If you can, please go to the Innocent drinks site and try and do a little hat with a pom pom for charity. Every little helps!
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JayJay said...

Those are so cute! What a lovely, fun chariy knitting project.