Thursday, 28 June 2007

I'ma be your black Kate Moss tonight

Apologies to Kayne West's new ditty Stronger. It's a really good song, West took Daft Punk's song and slowed it down to a quarter of its speed. It works, although the video isn't worth the six million dollar price tag.

So, we all know about Rowan's studio books right? They come out every two to three months, and the designs are supposed to be cutting edge. Normally, they have some designs that I can wear from time to time, it seems that for this book, I need to have the panache and the bone deep fashionista attitude of La Moss, because she makes any mess look good.

For your viewing pleasure, let me give you a butchers.

Holy batwing, batman! This is just... wrong. Kidsilk haze, no shaping, fine gauge, so in addition to it being awkward it's going to take you ages to knit. Let's move on.

Alright, I like this top. It's rather Phildarish - the stocking stitch square top with big buttons. It's done in Rowan double knit cotton. I must say, I've never knitted with this yarn, although the colour ways are good. Next.
Westcoat? Vest? It's cute, but I don't know if it's worth spending all that money and time to knit. It is cute, yeah. With its cinched motion under the breasts, giving your modest breast cup size some va va voom. I can't hate, I love small breasts, they work with fashion better.

Well, this is a granddad top. I do like the twisted cables at the bottom. It's a nice design feature. I should steal it and run. I can't say I like anything else about the top, but still. Sweet.

I'm actually still knitting my topdown. The increases are messy, but it's purple, I'll be wearing it in my house to cover my shoulders, and no one will be the wiser. I'll take a picture of my knit and post tomorrow, musing about the topdown process and my reactions to it so far.

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JayJay said...

I have to agree, nothing particularly spectacular about these (except the batwing, which is especially ugly). I guess they can't all be a hit. ;)