Thursday, 20 March 2008

*sighs* I hate life

You remember when Marian Cotillard won her Oscar and she said something about loving life and love?

Sadly, I can't say I'm enamoured of life at this moment:

My herringbone stitch for my tomato is giving me a warm time. This will be the fifth time I've ripped back - boo. The thing with my tomato is, I fall between sizes - in addition, the pattern calls for negative ease. So instead of 136 sts or 156 sts, I'm working with 140. Herring bone stitch is a multiple of 4, but the way how this design is, it seems to be a multiple of 4+2 at round 1 and round 4. Arrrgh.

In other life news, my partner and I have decided to withdraw from the adoption process - even though its more a matter of jumping instead of being pushed.

According to stats, it seems that we're neither wealthy enough nor do we have an adequate enough 'social circle' to adopt. Also, I don't have parental experience, which is important since this child won't be ours, as the social worker keeps saying. I now need to call my referees and tell them to stand down.

So, I'm a bit bummed right now. Off to rip my tomato back two rows.... again.


Emily said...

Oh, so sorry!

I expect you've explored other counties? I have several friends in Birmingham who went for a) Black country and b) Coventry councils for their adoptions, as they were much more open-minded and supportive. One couple have now done their second adoption through Black Country (? or is it Dudley?) of a sibling of their first adoptee.

Anyway, commiserations on this and the lesser woe of Tomato.

JayJay said...

I'm so sorry things aren't going well. :( I don't understand how they could have parental experience if you're adopting? Isn't the whole point that you want to be parents, but aren't able to on your own? Perhaps you should explore foreign adoption instead. I know some couples have had success going that route.

I hope you are able to get tomato to work!

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